Don M Wojchowski, PhD

Professor of Medicine



BA, Biology, Colby College
PhD, Cell Biology & Zoology, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Postdoctoral Training, Harvard Medical School


Campus: MMCRI, Scarborough, ME
Laboratory: 10325-10327

Contact Information

Office Phone: 207-396-8347
Lab Phone: 207-396-8258
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Graduate Programs

Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology


Research Synopsis

One prime focus of ongoing investigations is on key regulators of erythropoiesis, especially within clinically relevant anemia contexts. EPO/EPOR effects and molecular action mechanisms are a major highlight. Using combined approaches of knocked-in EPOR alleles, primary progenitor cell systems, transcriptome and phosphoproteomic analyses, we have discovered intriguing new major EPOR targets including cyclin G2 (a cell cycle brake); Podocalyxin (a cell surface adhesion/migration factor); Spi2A (an atypical intracellular serpin); TRIB2 & TRIB3 molecular adaptors; and “RHEX” as a novel component of the human EPOR. For each, we have developed novel knockout mouse models and/or primary human progenitor cell GOF / LOF systems with exciting phenotypes exhibited (as recent examples, see Verma, et al, 2014. J Exp Med 211: 1715-1722 Abstract in PubMed and Dev et al, 2013. J Exp Med. 210: 225-232 Abstract in PubMed). In addition, aggressive phosphoproteomic analyses are revealing important new EPO targets and transducers specific to human EPOR/JAK2 complexes. The importance of such work is underlined further by EPO's ability to cytoprotect ischemically injured cardiac, neural and renal tissues; and to modulate tumorigenesis. In addition, novel EPO mimetics are emerging with distinct EPOR activation properties that merit mechanistic attention as they enter the clinic.

Lab Members

Ed Jachimowicz, Laboratory Manager Send an e-mail  Lab Research Page

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