David Thorley-Lawson, PhD

David Thorley-Lawson, PhD

Professor of Integrative Physiology & Pathobiology



BS, Biology, University of East Anglia
PhD, Biochemistry, National Institute for Medical Research
Postdoctoral Training, Dana Farber Cancer Institute


Campus: Boston
Office: Jaharis 529B
Laboratory: Jaharis 5

Contact Information

Office Phone: 617-636-2726
Lab Phone: 617-636-6936
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Graduate Programs

Genetics, Immunology


Research Synopsis

We are studying the mechanism of persistence of the oncogenic human herpes virus Epstein-Barr virus. EBV infects >90% of the human population and persists benignly for life. Sometimes, however the virus is associated with cancers including Hodgkin's, Burkitt's and immunoblastic lymphoma and nasopharyngeal and gastric carcinoma. We found that the virus infects B lymphocytes and drives them to proliferate and differentiate so that it can establish persistent infection in memory B cells. When this process is disrupted the proliferative intermediates can give rise to tumors. We are analyzing the signaling pathways that regulate benign persistence and what changes to produce EBV associated tumors.


Lab Members

Nicole Castagnozzi, PhD Student in Immunology Send an e-mail 
Charles Torgbor, PhD Student in Immunology Send an e-mail   Lab Research Page

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February 15: Building Diversity in Biomedical Sciences

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