Daniel Jay, PhD

Daniel Jay, PhD

Professor of Developmental, Molecular & Chemical Biology



BS, Biochemistry & Chemistry, University of Toronto
PhD, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Harvard University
Postdoctoral Training, Harvard University


Campus: Boston
Office: M&V 714
Laboratory: M&V 709

Contact Information

Office Phone: 617-636-6714
Lab Phone: 617-636-2957
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Graduate Programs

Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology, Cellular & Molecular Physiology, Neuroscience


Research Synopsis

We address cellular function using a novel technique called Chromophore-Assisted Laser Inactivation (CALI) to inactivate specific proteins in living cells at precise times and locations. We apply this approach to discovering proteins involved in cancer cell migration and invasion. Using CALI, we have studied ezrin, pp60-c-src; pp59-fyn, and TSC I (hamartin) and begun to use the approach with antibody libraries in a high throughput and automated fashion to discover new proteins that act in cancer cell invasiveness. CALI provides a means of identifying and validating such proteins as targets for drug discovery and novel anti-cancer therapeutics.

Lab Members

Aaron Bernstein, PhD Student in Cellular & Molecular Physiology  Send an e-mail  Lab Research Page
Daniel Wong, PhD Student in Cellular & Molecular Physiology Send an e-mail  Lab Research Page

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