Carol Kumamoto, PhD

Carol Kumamoto, PhD

Professor of Molecular Biology & Microbiology



AB, Biology, University of California, Los Angeles
PhD, Molecular Biology, University of California, Los Angeles
Postdoctoral Training, Harvard Medical School; Stanford University


Campus: Boston
Office: Jaharis 429
Laboratory: Jaharis 425

Contact Information

Office Phone: 617-636-0404
Lab Phone: 617-636-6803
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Graduate Programs

Genetics, Molecular Microbiology


Research Synopsis

Candida albicans, an opportunistic fungal pathogen, causes diseases ranging from mild, superficial infection to life-threatening disseminated disease. Immunocompromised patients such as cancer patients and transplant recipients are at risk for disseminated candidiasis, a disease that is difficult to diagnose and is associated with high mortality. Growth of C. albicans in filamentous forms is associated with tissue invasion and is important for pathogenicity. Our research is directed towards understanding the environmental cues that stimulate filamentous growth and the genes involved in filamentous and invasive growth. We also investigate host-Candida interactions during intestinal colonization.


Lab Members

Ashlee Junier, PhD Student in Genetics Send an e-mail  Lab Research Page
Laura Markey, MERGE-ID PhD Student in Molecular Microbiology Send an e-mail Lab Research Page
Antonia Pugliese, PhD Student in Molecular Microbiology Send an e-mail  Lab Research Page
Paola Zucchi, Research Associate Send an e-mail 

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