Peter Juo


Peter  Juo
Home Town
Ibadan, Nigeria
Prior Degrees

Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, BS, Biochemistry
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA PhD, Cell Biology

Sackler Program(s)
Cell, Neuroscience, Physiology

What is the ultimate goal of your research?

Our goal is to identify and understand the molecular mechanisms involved in synapse development and function.

What excites you about your research?

I love discovering something completely new and surprising and making connections between molecules and processes that were previously unknown. There is so much we don’t know about even the most fundamental processes in the nervous system. Genetics provides an excellent, unbiased approach to identify novel genes and mechanisms involved in interesting but poorly understood biological processes. Working at the interface between cell biology and neuroscience is also exciting because it allows us to cross fertilize ideas and gives us a slightly different perspective on the fields.

What do you like best about Sackler students?

They are very enthusiastic, eager to learn, interactive and focused in their approach to research.

What qualities distinguish the Sackler School from other graduate schools?

The relatively small size of the Sackler School makes it a very close knit and interactive community. I was really impressed when I first arrived and realized that most of the faculty knew all the grad students and postdocs in their programs and departments by name.

What do you do to relax?

I like hiking and camping, reading well-written fiction and non-fiction, watching all kinds of movies especially documentaries and films based on historical events.

What is your favorite Boston restaurant?

I like Oleana in Cambridge for great Eastern Mediterranean food, Helmand in East Cambridge for Afghan food, and Punjabi Dhaba in Inman Square for roadside Indian fare.

Apply to the Sackler School


The priority application deadlines are as follows:

December 1: Basic Science Division PhD Programs

February 15: Building Diversity in Biomedical Sciences

March 31: Post-Baccalaureate Research Program

May 1: Clinical & Translational Science, MS in Pharmacology & Drug Development