MS in Pharmacology & Drug Development

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Full-time students enrolled in the MS in Pharmacology & Drug Development follow the tuition and fee schedule shown in the table below.  

Accepted students in this program are required to submit nonrefundable $1,000 enrollment deposits which are applied to their fall semester tuition.

Students who are US citizens or permanent residents may be eligible for the Federal Family Education Loan Program to help pay for any unfunded living and educational expenses. The Tufts University School of Medicine Financial Aid Office assists Sackler students with the application process and can be contacted at 617-636-6574.


2017-2018 Pharmacology & Drug Development Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees*

Cost Per Semester

Annual Cost

Tuition $15,760 $31,520
Research Laboratory Fee $6,000 $12,000 
Health Administration Fee $240
Student Health Insurance
$2,418 $4,836
Student Activity Fee $120

*Costs may change by as much 8% each year.


Fall semester bills are due the first week of August; Spring semester bills are due the first week of December. All students, regardless of the source of their funding, must pay all outstanding charges by the due date. Students who do not pay in a timely manner will be subject to late fees, prevented from registering, and ultimately will be withdrawn from school.

F-1 visa holders who are not enrolled as full-time students are out of status, and must leave the country.

Apply to the Sackler School


The priority application deadlines are as follows:

December 1: Basic Science Division PhD Programs

February 15: Building Diversity in Biomedical Sciences

March 31: Post-Baccalaureate Research Program

May 1: Clinical & Translational Science, MS in Pharmacology & Drug Development

June 15: Online Certificate in Fundamentals of Clinical Care Research