Melissa Koch


Melissa Koch
Instructor, Biology
Western Washington University
Bellingham, WA
TEACRS Alumna, 2015



I joined TEACRS after completing my PhD in Biology at the University of California - San Diego. I conducted my research under the guidance of Dr. Catherine Freudenreich in the Department of Biology.

My research focused on the stability of trinucleotide repeats using a yeast model system. A major focus was the role of chromatin remodeling proteins in preventing expansions of trinucleotide repeats, a phenomenon that is involved in several genetic diseases, including Huntington’s disease and myotonic dystrophy.

As part of the the TEACRS Program, I taught Genetics at Bunker Hill Community College and designed a new laboratory module for the course.

I am now on the faculty in the Biology Department at Western Washington University.