Kearney Gunsalus


Kearney Gunsalus
Assistant Professor of Biology
Sienna College
Loudonville, NY
TEACRS Alumna - 2017



I joined TEACRS after completing my PhD in Cellular & Molecular Biology at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. I conducted my research with both Carol Kumamoto, Professor of Molecular Biology & Microbiology and Claire Moore, PhD, Professor of Developmental, Molecular & Chemical Biology.

My current research is focused on the interaction of polyadenylation mechanisms and molecular mechanisms involved in the interaction of Candida albicans and its host.

As part of the TEACRS Program, I co-taught Genetics with TEACRS trainee Amy Yu in the summer of 2015 at UMass - Boston.

I am continuing my career as a faculty member in the Biology Department at Sienna College.