Joseph Sorg


Joseph Sorg 
Associate Professor of Biology 
Texas A & M University 
College Station, TX
TEACRS Alumnus - 2010 





I joined the TEACRS Program after completing my PhD in Microbiology at the University of Chicago, Chicago, IL.  I conducted my research at Tufts with Linc Sonenshein, PhD, Professor of Molecular Biology & Microbiology.

My research focused on study the mechanisms by which Clostridium difficile spores germinate as a way to develop new strategies to combat infection. 

As at TEACRS Program trainee, I taught undergraduate Microbiology at Bunker Hill Community College and designed a new module for the lab section of the course. 

I am continuing my work on the faculty of Texas A & M University where I plan to continue my work of Clostridium.  I recently received the 2013-14 Montague Scholar Award to develop a Small-to-Medium-Open-Online-Course (SMOOC) for the Microbiology course that I teach at Texas A&M.

To learn more about Joe's career, visit his Texas A & M University web page. PI Profile