Jessica McCready


Jessica McCready 
Associate Professor of Biology
Assumption College
Worcester, MA
TEACRS Alumna - 2012





I joined TEACRS after completing my PhD in Anatomy & Neurobiology at Virginia Commonwealth University. I conducted my research with Charlotte Kuperwasser, PhD, Developmental, Molecular & Chemical Biology.

My research centered on the relationship between tissue remodeling during pregnancy and breast cancer metastasis. I worked to achieve a better understanding of breast cancer metastasis that will lead to better treatments for the disease.

As part of the TEACRS program, I taught undergraduate General Biology at Bunker Hill Community College and Problem Based Learning for first year Tufts medical students.

As an Associate Professor of Biology at Assumption I mentor undergraduate students in my lab. They work on transcriptional regulation, macrophage-adipocyte interactions and adipose differentiation in the mammary gland and how these processes relate to breast cancer. I am also the liaison with TEACRS in their initiative to place underrepresented students from Assumption in summer research internships at Tufts.

To learn more about Jessica's career, visit her Assumption College webpage. PI Profile