Jennifer Kowalski


Jennifer Kowalski 
Associate Professor of Biological Sciences
Butler University 
Indianapolis, IN
TEACRS Alumna - 2008





I joined the TEACRS Program after completing my PhD in Cell & Developmental Biology at Harvard University.  My research at Tufts was under the direction of Peter Juo, PhD, Assistant Professor of Molecular Physiology & Pharmacology.

My research project used a C elegans model and focused on the molecular circuits involved in regulation of synaptic transmission.  

As part of the TEACRS program, I worked with fellow trainee, Jane Liu to develop a senior seminar course on cancer biology that was delivered at Pine Manor College.

I have been a faculty member in the Department of Biological Sciences at Butler University since 2009 and was tenured there in 2015. I have been awarded both a NINDS R15 Area grant and an NSF TUES grant to support undergraduate research at Butler.

To learn more about Jennifer's career, visit her Butler University web page. PI Profile