Jason Kuehner


Jason Kuehner 
Assistant Professor of Biology
Emmanuel College
Boston, MA
TEACRS Alumnus - 2012





I joined TEACRS after completing my PhD in Cellular & Molecular Biology at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. I did my research with Claire Moore, Professor of Molecular Biology & Microbiology

My research sought to clarify the molecular role of RNA 3’-end processing factors in promoting transcription termination. As the essential nature of co-transcriptional RNA maturation becomes better understood, an increasing number of connections to human diseases like cancer are being discovered. 

As part of the TEACRS Program, I taught undergraduate Genetics at Bunker Hill Community College last fall and helped with a major redesign of the laboratory portion of the course.

I plan to continue my research in my new position.

To learn more about Jason's career, visit his Emmanuel College web page. PI Profile