Jason Gavenonis


Jason Gavenonis
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Dickinson College
Carlisle, PA
TEACRS Alumnus - 2014





I came to the TEACRS Program after completing my PhD in Chemistry at Boston College in Chestnut Hill, MA. I carried out my work with Joshua Kritzer, PhD, Assistant Professor of Chemistry in the College of Arts & Sciences.

I worked to develop new cyclic peptide inhibitors of Heat-shock protein 90 (Hsp90), a molecular chaperone protein that assists in the folding of numerous cellular proteins and is upregulated in solid tumors. An important goal was to identify compounds that do not target the protein's ATP-binding site and have the potential for side-effects from the inhibition of other kinases.

As part of the TEACRS Program, I taught Organic Chemistry 1 at UMass - Boston.

I am continuing my career in the Chemistry Department of Dickinson College where I am now an Assistant Professor of Chemistry.

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