Jane Liu


Jane Liu 
Assistant Professor of Chemistry  
Pomona College
Claremont, CA
TEACRS Alumna - 2009





I joined the TEACRS Program in 2006 after completing my PhD in Organic Chemistry at Harvard University.  I conducted my research at Tufts under the direction of Andrew Camilli, PhD, Professor of Molecular Biology & Microbiology. 

My research focused on pathogenesis mechanisms involving RNA-mediated regulation using a Vibrio cholerae model system.

In addition to my research, I worked with fellow TEACRS trainee Jennifer Kowalski to develop a senior seminar course focused on cancer biology.  This course was presented at Pine Manor College.

I first accepted a position as a faculty member in the Chemistry Department at Drew University. I recently accepted a new position and have moved to Ponoma College where I am introducing undergraduates to research through studies on RNA-mediated regulatory processes.

In 2012, I was awarded an NSF Career Award, and have recently established an initiative with TEACRS to place minority students from Pomona in summer research internships at Tufts.

To learn more about Jane's career, visit her Ponoma College web page. PI Profile