Jane Kim


Jane Kim 
Assistant Professor of Biology
California State University - San Marcos
San Marcos, CA
TEACRS Alumna - 2015





I joined TEACRS after completing my PhD in Biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I conducted my research with Sergei Mirkin in the Department of Biology. 

My research focused on investigating the molecular mechanisms by which simple DNA repeats expand or increase in length. While short repeat tracts are stably inherited and have no pathological effects, expanded repeats have been shown to cause over 30 hereditary disorders in humans. Specifically, I used budding yeast to investigate the mechanism of large-scale expansion of CAG/CTG repeats, which are responsible for Huntington's disease, myotonic dystrophy, and several spinocerebellar ataxias.

As part of the TEACRS Program, I  taught Genetics with lecture and lab at Bunker Hill Community College.

In the fall of 2016, I accepted a position as a Assistant Professor of Biology at California State University, San Marcos and am continuing my career in this role.

To learn more about Jane's career, visit her California State University webpage. PI Profile