Edward Wlotko


Edward Wlotko
Institute Scientist
Director, Cognitive Neurophysiology & Neuropsychology Laboratory
Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute
Elkins Park, PA
TEACRS Alumnus, 2016



I joined TEACRS after completed my PhD in Psychology at the University of Illinois. I conducted my research with Gina Kuperberg, MD, PhD, Professor of Psychology. 

My research probed the cognitive and neural mechanisms that support building meaning from everyday language use. I used electro-magnetic and optical brain imaging techniques to elucidate the differential contributions of the two cerebral hemispheres to comprehending sentences. One aspect focused on how hemispheric modes of comprehension are dynamically implemented in the young adult brain dependent on situational context or differing language goals and outcomes, and how this flexibility shifts with normal healthy aging. I also examined this type of malleability of language mechanisms in schizophrenia patients to simultaneously gain insight into the basis of disrupted language use in schizophrenia and to inform and refine models of typical language processing.

As part of the TEACRS Program, I taught Statistics in the Spring of 2014 at UMass - Boston.

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