Denise Cook-Snyder


Denise Cook-Snyder
Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
Carthage College
Kenosha, WI






I joined TEACRS after completing my PhD in Neuroscience at the University of Pennsylvania. 

As a TEACRS postdoctoral fellows, I worked with Leon Reijmers, in the Department of Neuroscience at Tufts Medical School.  My research focused on identifying novel molecular mechanisms underlying learning and memory, with a specific focus on changes in neuronal gene expression and protein function during memory formation, storage, and erasure. 

As part of the TEACRS Program, I taught an upper level course on the Molecular Basis of Disease at UMass - Boston.

I am continuing my career as Assistant Professor of Neuroscience at Carthage College.

To learn more about Denise's career, visit her Carthage College web page. PI Profile