Amanda Murphy


Amanda Murphy 
Associate Professor of Chemistry 
Western Washington University 
Bellingham, WA
TEACRS Alumna -  2009





I joined the TEACRS Program in 2005 after completing my PhD in Organic Chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley.  I conducted my resesarch at Tufts under the direction of David Kaplan, PhD, Professor & Chair of Biomedical Engineering. 

As part of the TEACRS Program, I co-taught Organic Chemistry at Tufts and also served as a facilitated group leader in the General Chemistry course at Bunker Hill Community College.  Other activities included mentoring undergraduate research projects in the McNair Scholars Program at UMass, Boston and Bunker Hill.

I joined the faculty of my alma mater, Western Washington University, where I am continuing my research on the design and synthesis of organic materials for drug delivery and tissue engineering.

To learn more about Amanda's career, visit her Western Washington University web page. PI Profile