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The Training in Education and Critical Research Skills (TEACRS) Program trains the academic biomedical research faculty of the future and enriches opportunities in biomedical education for minority serving institutions. By providing high quality research experiences, coupled with career development skills, this program prepares the most talented young scientists for academic careers.

Through a specially-tailored mentoring program, TEACRS trainees complete our program ready to manage a successful research program, teach and balance the multi-faceted demands inherent in a career as an academic scientist. Because our trainees carry out their mentored teaching at minority serving undergraduate institutions, our program helps these institutions provide new, innovative science courses. We expect that our trainees will be among the leading academic scientists of the next generation.

After participating in this innovative program, TEACRS trainees are ready to manage a productive research program, teach, and balance the multi-faceted demands inherent in a career as an academic scientist.

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TEACRS is funded by the Institutional Research and Career Development Awards initiative of the National Institute of General Medical Sciences.

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Claire Moore, PhD
Program Director

Administrative Office
M&V 428
Jordan Wilkinson, Res Adm I
Phone: 617-636-0825
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TEACRS Career Outcomes

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Over 80% of our trainees have transitioned directly to academic positions in the US; over 70% have taken tenure-track positions.

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Finding a Postdoc

Prospective mentors may be contacted directly.  Applicants can also apply to specific postdoctoral training programs such as TEACRS.