Zhiyi Cao


Zhiyi Cao 
MS, Medical Science 
China Medical University
Shenyang, PRC
MD, Inner Mongolia Medical College
Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China  
Research Associate
Noorjahan Panjwani, PhD, Adviser



Choroidal neovascularization and associated subretinal scarring (e.g. age-related macular degeneration) as well as the growth of abnormal blood vessels in the clear cornea and corneal scarring are serious conditions that can lead to a profound decline in vision or vision loss. There currently are no Food and Drug Administration–approved drugs that selectively reduce scar formation. Recent studies have demonstrated that a carbohydrate-binding protein, galectin-3 (Gal-3), promotes angiogenesis as well as fibrosis, and that it does so by independent mechanisms. Therefore, Gal-3 is an ideal candidate to target for developing dual-benefit drugs to control both neovascularization and fibrosis of ocular tissues. Our lab has already characterized the mechanism by which Gal-3 promotes angiogenesis. Currently, I am characterizing the mechanism by which Gal-3 modulates development of scar tissue, and am also conducting studies to identify the most potent galectin-3 inhibitor to develop novel strategies for reduction of corneal and sub-retinal fibrosis.

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