Tarek Deeb


Tarek Deeb 
BSc, Biology
American University
Washington, DC 
PhD, Developmental & Cellular Biology
George Washington University    
Washington, DC
Program Director
Stephen Moss, PhD, Adviser


My research goal is to develop novel strategies for the treatment of disorders linked to altered inhibitory transmission in the brain. Since GABAA Cysteine-loop ionotropic receptors comprise the majority of the mediators of rapid inhibitory synaptic transmission in the brain, our main focus is the pharmacotherapeutic profile and subcellular distribution of GABAA receptor subtypes. My training background is in electrophysiology and so the primary means by which I investigate GABAA receptors is by characterizing their electrical responses to synaptic GABA release and changes in neuronal network activity. My current experiments are characterizing the role of cell-type specific and subcellular distribution patterns of GABAA receptors in neuronal circuits implicated in epileptogenesis, seizure susceptibility, and cognitive impairment following stroke.

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