Seema Bhalchandra


Seema Bhalchandra 
BSc, Biology, Zoology & Chemistry
MSc, Biotechnology
India Institute of Technology
Rookee, India
PhD, Molecular Biology
Institute of Medical Technology 
Chandigarh, India 
Postdoctoral Fellow
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
Mumbai, India
Research Associate
Honorine Ward, MBBS, Adviser


gp40 and gp900 are mucin-like Cryptosporidium glycoproteins that mediate Cryptosporidium infection in vitro. These glycoproteins contain mucin-type O-glycans that have exposed Gal(β1-3)GalNAc and/or GalNAc(α1-3)-Ser/Thr residues. A monoclonal antibody, 4E9 that recognizes these residues blocks attachment and invasion in vitro, implicating these glycans in mediating infection.  My first project is focused on identification and characterization of the glycotope/s recognized by 4E9. I am currently mapping the 4E9 glycotope on gp40 using several complementary approaches. The long term goal is to determine whether these glycotopes can serve as immunogens for vaccine development or passive immunotherapy of cryptosporidiosis. In a second project, I am characterizing and investigating the role of a Cryptosporidium mucin-like protein with a C-type lectin domain.

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