Karen Perez de Arce


Karen Perez de Arce
BS, Biochemistry
MS, Biochemistry
PhD, Cellular and Molecular Biology
Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile
Santiago, Chile
Research Associate
Thomas Biederer, PhD, Adviser



Synapses are specialized sites of adhesion between neurons that are organized by several trans-synaptic complexes. Immunoglobulin proteins of SynCAM family (Synaptic Cell Adhesion Molecules) participate in axo-dendritic contact assembly and regulate excitatory synapse number and function. My work focuses on the study of the functional crosstalk between SynCAM 1 and other adhesion proteins. I am also interested in the contribution of SynCAM 1 to a presumptive ‘adhesion code’ that may instruct different aspects of synapse structure and function, as well as in the role of adhesion molecules in the development of psychiatric disorders.

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