Jayanta Mukherjee


Jayanta Mukherjee 
BSc, Chemistry
MSc, Biochemistry
University of Calcutta
Calcutta, India
PhD, Neuroscience
Louisiana State Univeresity Health Sciences Center
New Orleans, LA 
Research Associate
Stephen Moss, PhD, Adviser


Ionotropic GABAARs are critical mediators of fast inhibitory synaptic transmission in the brain. In mammalian brain the majority (~ 60%) of synaptic GABAARs contain the α1 subunit; however, it is still unclear how neurons selectively regulate the synaptic targeting and clustering of the α1 subunit containing GABAARs. I am trying to understand the mechanisms that dynamically control the number of α1 containing GABAARs at inhibitory synapses and thus the efficacy of inhibitory synaptic transmission.  

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