Irina Smirnova


Irina Smirnova 
BS, Chemistry
St Petersburg University
St Petersburg, Russia
PhD, Chemistry
Technological Institute 
St Petersburg, Russia 
Research Associate
Alexander Poltorak, PhD, Adviser


Toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) is part of the mammalian endotoxin (LPS – lipopolysacharide) sensing complex and is an important gene because it detects the early stages of a bacterial infection.  In order to identify new genes that may be involved in innate immune response, we compared several inbred and wild-derived strains of mice in their response to various agonists of toll-like receptors (Tlr) family members. Genetic analysis of the backcross progeny showed that some of the phenotypes do not appear to be linked to any of Tlr loci in mouse genome, thus revealing new genes that might be involved in innate response.  

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