Dayong Wu


Dayong Wu 
MD, Normal Bethune University of Medical Sciences
Changchun, PRC
PhD, Immunology
Jilin University 
Xinhua, PRC
Associate Professor of Nutrition
Scientist I
Associate Lab Director


My research interest is to investigate how aging adversely affects immune and inflammatory response and what nutritional interventions can effectively improve the dysregulated immune function that comes with aging. My current research projects include 1) the study on green tea EGCG for its mitigating effect in an autoimmune disease animal model, and its effect on CD4 T cells differentiation to different lineages (Th1, Th17, and Treg), as well as the regulation network involved as the underlying mechanism; 2) the effect of functional foods (mushrooms) on immune cell function and resistance to viral infection, and 3) the effect of nutrients (tocotrienols) on age-related decline in T cell function.   

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