Postdoctoral Training

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Sackler School faculty provide outstanding training opportunities to postdoctoral fellows.  A vibrant postdoctoral community can be found on the Health Sciences campus.  In addition to Sackler School research laboratories, the labs of faculty in the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, the School of Medicine and the School of Dental Medicine, along with the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging and Tufts Medical Center welcome these trainees.

Postdoctoral associates are located on all three campuses of Tufts University and supported by a postdoctoral officer. Over 200 trainees populate our laboratories and those of our closely aligned major clinical affiliate, Tufts Medical Center. Tufts University is a member of the National Postdoctoral Association and is committed to providing trainees with all the tools needed to advance their careers.

Our postdoctoral handbook describes the policies and benefits available to our postdoctoral trainees. Our postdoctoral web site also provides additional details about activities for postdoctoral fellows. Tufts University subscribes to the values and principles articulated in the American Medical Association Compact Between Postdoctoral Appointees and their Mentors.

Health Science Campus

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The Health Sciences Campus is home to Sackler, the Schools of Medicine, Dental Medicine, Nutrition, Tufts Medical Center and several research institutes.

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Finding a Postdoc

Prospective mentors may be contacted directly.  Applicants can also apply to specific postdoctoral training programs such as TEACRS.