Zeina Salem


Zeina Salem
MD, Kasr Al Ainy School of Medicine
Cairo University
Cairo, Egypt
Postdoctoral Scholar
Pedram Hamrah, MD, Adviser




Patients with corneal neuropathy have decreased corneal nerve density and abnormal corneal nerve morphology. Laser scanning In Vivo Confocal Microscopy (IVCM) is able to detect such anomalies. The aim of my research is to provide an easy and accessible way to test ocular pain, to understand the relationship between patient symptoms and IVCM images of their cornea, to closely study corneal neuropathy as a disease entity, and finally to establish new non-invasive accurate diagnostic and potentially therapeutic tools for ocular surface diseases and corneal neuropathy, all while using IVCM. This investigation is designed to demonstrate the potential role of non-invasive imaging in studies on peripheral innervation. In addition, the results of this research may serve as the basis for future clinical studies and trials to exclude patients wrongly diagnosed as dry-eye patients.

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