Yunzhe Lu


Yunzhe Lu 
BS, Biotechnology 
Northeast Agricultural University 
Harbin, PRC 
PhD, Genetics
Fudan University 
Shanghai, PRC
Postdoctoral Fellow
Athar Chishti, PhD, Adviser



Spectrin-actin junctions play critical roles in the maintenance of red blood cell shape and membrane properties. Their organization and linkage to the cell membrane is of fundamental importance to the field of membrane-cytoskeleton. Erythrocyte dematin, also known as Protein 4.9, is ubiquitously expressed; present in skeletal muscle, the heart, brain, and adipose tissue. We are investigating the hypothesis that dematin links spectrin-actin junctions to the membrane via the glucose transporter, GLUT1, in human erythrocytes, and a related transporter in mouse erythrocytes. These studies will elucidate the specific role of the headpiece and core domains of dematin in erythropoiesis and intermediary metabolism, with potential implications for other headpiece domain–containing proteins.

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