Peng Wang


Peng Wang
BS, Medicine
Taishan Medical College
Taian, China
MD, PhD, Reproductive Medicine
Shandong University of Medicine
Jinan, China
Postdoctoral Scholar
Dong Kong, PhD, Adviser




Fertility issues are estimated to affect 186 million people worldwide and accumulating evidence suggests that obesity is an emerging contributor to the pathogenesis of infertility. Obesity impairs both central and peripheral physiological homeostasis and negatively affects reproduction. In stark contrast with the well-studied peripheral etiologies of infertility, our understandings of the central mechanisms underlying reproductive regulation are greatly hindered by the complexities of the nervous system. In the brain, particularly the hypothalamus, the gonadotropin-releasing hormone-expressing (GnRH) neurons are an essential control node of the hypothalamus-pituitary-gonad (HPG) axis and represent the final output unit of the brain, which integrates various signals from the environment, the periphery, and the other neurons, to stimulate hormonal regulation of reproduction. Our study will answer how these signals reach and manipulate GnRH neurons and what neural circuits are involved. Answers to these questions will likely provide a novel framework of the biology of reproduction and fertility.

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