Morgan Hawker


Morgan Hawker
BS, Chemistry
University of California - Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz, CA
PhD, Chemistry
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO
Postdoctoral Scholar
David Kaplan, PhD, Adviser



Enormous potential exists for utilizing neural electrodes in a multitude of applications, including as therapeutics for deep brain stimulation and detection of neural activity at the brain-machine interface. Current electrode technologies center around invasive, silicon-based materials with relatively fixed geometry. Although these materials are typically strong, their inflexibility, lack of compatibility with bioactive therapeutics, and lack of tunable geometry and degradability severely limit their utility. My research focuses on addressing these shortcomings through fabrication of next-generation multifunctional neural electrodes. The aims of my research comprise (1) developing electrodes with three-dimensional, porous geometries; (2) exploring multi-functional silk-based electrode coatings to tune degradation; and (3) fabricating materials to provide targeted delivery of therapeutics.

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