Maria Lopez


Maria Jose Lopez
MD, Dr. Jose Matias Delgado University
San Salvador, El Salvador
Master in Ophthalmology
San Carlos University
Guatemala City, Guatemala
Postdoctoral Scholar
Pedram Hamrah, MD, Adviser




In order to understand corneal immunology in an in vivo context, and the process of antigen presentation by corneal dendritic cells after corneal transplantation, I have been working on two main projects: first, the development of a murine model of in vivo imaging of corneal submandibular draining lymph node using multiphoton intravital microscopy, and second, the study of molecular mechanisms of dendritic cells homing to the inflamed cornea. I also have been developing other murine models of imaging of corneal, submandibular draining lymph node, and corneolimbal vasculature.

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