Lauren Crowe


Lauren Crowe
BS, Chemistry
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC
PhD, Cell Biology
Duke University
Durham, NC
Postdoctoral Scholar
Rob Jackson, PhD, Adviser



Glial cells of the nervous system are known to be critical regulators of synapse development and an important component of the tripartite synapse; however, the mechanisms underlying their functions in the adult brain are still largely unknown. I am utilizing Drosophila, a genetically tractable model organism, to study how communication between glia and neurons regulates circadian rhythms and sleep via previously unknown secreted factors. My lab and others have shown that conserved neural mechanisms control sleep and circadian behavior in vertebrates and invertebrates. My research utilizes behavioral assays, microscopy and genetic techniques to identify novel players that regulate these rhythmic processes. The goal is to unravel the neural circuitry and signaling pathways that mediate glial regulation of sleep and circadian behavior.

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