Katie Mattaini


Katie Mattaini
BS, Chemistry
Providence College
Providence, RI
PhD, Biology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA
Postdoctoral Scholar
Karl Munger, Dr Phil, Adviser



Cancer is a disease characterized by uncontrolled cellular proliferation, which requires biosynthesis or salvage of many biological macromolecules such as nucleic acids, lipids and proteins in order to build new cells. I am interested in changes to the cellular metabolic program that occur due to immortalization and carcinogenic transformation. Among cancers, cervical carcinoma is unique because the carcinogenic agent is known at the molecular level: over 99% of cases are caused by human papilloma viruses (HPVs), specifically by the viral oncoproteins E6 and E7. By studying the metabolic changes that occur when these two proteins are expressed, we aim to understand what metabolic conditions are required for cervical cancer cells to arise.

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