Jie Xu


Jie Xu
BS, Biology
MS, Biology
PhD, Biochemistry
Nanjing University
Jiangsu, China
Postdoctoral Scholar
Dong Kong, PhD, Adviser



Neurons are endowed with remarkable ability to sense and process changes in response to an organism’s metabolic status. The exposure to a sensory experience, for instance, hunger, hyperglycemia, stressed, profoundly alters the neural activity and activity-regulated gene expression, and these changes are thought to be instrumental in the maintenance of metabolic homeostasis. However, the precise nature of molecular switch that regulates these metabolism related genes in responsive to neuronal activity still remain poorly understood. My work focuses on exploring how neuronal activity-induced molecular signals respond to a changed metabolic status and how these signals-induced gene expression override these impediments to keep a metabolic homeostasis.

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