Jessica Wilks Henry


Jessica Wilks Henry
BA, Molecular Biology
Kenyon College
Gambier, OH
PhD, Microbiology
University of Chicago
Chicago, IL
Postdoctoral Scholar
Karina Meiri, PhD, Adviser



My work focuses on science curriculum development within the BioScann project at the Tuft's Center for Translational Education. There has been a deluge of after school and summer programs designed to provide authentic scientific experiences. Although these programs can be effective, they generally reach self-selecting and high achieving students who target high level STEM careers, failing to target students who most need STEM interventions. However, reaching non-self-selecting students means bringing these experiences to the classroom, which presents a host of logistic challenges. To bridge this gap, the BioScann project aims to build a learning technology toolkit that integrates career awareness and competency building within an authentic research experience for the classroom. This will then be used to study competency, confidence and career awareness in non-pre-selecting students.

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