Janel Cabrera


Janel Cabrera
BS, Biology
Villanova Unviersity
Villanova, PA
PhD, Biomedical Sciences
Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL
Postdoctoral Scholar
Charlotte Kuperwasser, PhD, Adviser



One of the many challenges facing breast cancer research is identifying what genes drive cancer growth. Although targeted therapies have recently been used to treat many forms of breast cancer, it is clear that unidentified drivers are fueling tumor growth, mostly due to a significant fraction of women relapsing from these therapies. This underscores the need to identify the major drivers of breast cancer initiation. My project aims to functionally identify genetic and epigenetic drivers of breast cancer and determine how they may affect tumor subtype formation by affecting differentiation and stem cell activity. Identification of breast cancer drivers will ultimately allow us to derive well-controlled models of breast cancers with different known driver combinations and help discover novel targeted therapies.

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