Benjamin Harwood


Benjamin Harwood 
BS, Biology 
Acadia University 
Wolfville, Nova Scotia 
PhD, Genetics
Sackler School, Tufts University
Postdoctoral Scholar
Alan Kopin, MD, Adviser




My research focuses on how neuronal cell populations communicate via chemical signals and G-proteins coupled receptors (GPCRs).  I am currently dissecting the neuronal interactions linked to Bursicon (a neuropeptide)-mediated effects on pigmentation and wing expansion in Drosophila melanogaster. Bursicon is known to activate the GPCR Rickets, a member of the leucine-rich repeat containing  family. I am using a novel technique to activate GPCRs called membrane tethered ligands that was developed in our lab and currently mapping the neuronal networks of Bursicon/Rickets.  My research will also hopefully lay the framework to adapt this technique to model signaling networks for other neuronal receptor/ligand interactions in vivo.

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