Aurelie Kern


Aurélie Kern
MS, Immunology
PhD, Cellular and Molecular Biology
University of Strasbourg
Strasbourg, France
Postdoctoral Scholar
Linden Hu, MD, Adviser




My research focuses on a reservoir-targeted vaccine. In the wildlife, B. burgdorferi main reservoirs are small rodents. We successfully developed a vaccinia-virus expressing a bacterial lipoprotein, this vaccine administered orally to mice confers protection against both transmission of B. burgdorferi to mice as well as protection against acquisition of spirochetes by larval ticks feeding on infected mice. We are now specially interested in developing strategies to encapsulate our vaccine with pH sensitive nanopolymers designed to release only at specific locations in the digestive tract after contact with a pre-set pH. This could allow us to reduce the risk of accidental infection and increase the potency of the vaccine.

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