Adam Hilterbrand


Adam Hilterbrand
BS, Molecular Biology
Loyola University of Chicago
Chicago, IL
PhD, Microbiology
University of Texas - Austin
Austin, TX
Postdoctoral Scholar
Katya Heldwein, PhD, Adviser



HSV-1 entry into cells represents a complicated, highly orchestrated event requiring several virion-associated glycoproteins for a successful infection. As such, uncovering the intricacies governing herpesvirus entry has remained challenging. HSV-1 entry necessitates four glycoproteins: gD, gH, gL, and gB. Though these core glycoproteins are necessary, HSV-1 virions contain an additional 9 known glycoproteins in their lipid envelopes whose functional relevance to entry remains incompletely understood. Using a pseudotyped vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) system recently developed in our lab, I aim to identify and understand specific glycoprotein contributions to HSV-1 entry. A more thorough understanding of HSV-1 entry mechanisms will allow for the development of future antiviral therapeutics.

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