PPET Alumni

graduatesThe Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics Program celebrates the achievements of its alumni. More than 50 students have completed the Program since it was established.

Our alumni hold leadership positions in academic institutions and the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. Other graduates have gone on to careers in law, communication, and medicine.

Learn more about our alumni below.

Trainee Year  Current or Last Known Position 
Alexandra Taracanova 2017
Life Sciences Specialist, L.E.K. Consulting
Bina Julian 2017 Manager, Partner Relations
Lei Cao 2016 MS, In transition
Malek Najjar 2016 Physician, Libya
Jennifer Nwankwo 2016 Consultant, Bain & Company
Hussein Babsail 2015 Unavailable
Thuy Vien 2015 Postdoctoral Fellow, TUSM
Najla Fiaturi 2014 Lecturer, Tufts U School of Medicine
Diane Peters 2014 DVM/PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Magdalini Vasiadi 2014 Patent Agent, Baker Botts
Zuyi Weng 2014 In transition
Brendan Oakes 2013 Postdoctoral Fellow, Sanofi
Michael Hanley 2012 Scientist, Millennium Pharmaceuticals
Erin Bailey-Umberg 2011  MS, JD Candidate, U California - Berkeley
Brenda Geiger 2011 Lecturer, Clinical Laboratory & Nutritional Sciences, U Massachusetts-Lowell
Linsey Stiles 2011 Co-Director, BioEnergeticsCore, Boston Medical Center
Kristina Wiesman 2011 At home


Trainee Year  Current or Last Known Position 
Sanya Fanous Whitaker 2009 Scientific Program Manager, Metabolic Disorders, Foundation for the National Institutes of Health
Brigham Hyde 2009 Chief Data Officer, Decision Resources
Laurie Volak 2009 Senior Scientist, Amgen
Isabel Arrillaga-Romany 2008 MD, PhD, Instructor, Neurology, Harvard Medical School
Lauren Oleson DiPetrillo 2008 Associate Director, Regulatory Affairs, Alkermes, Inc
Hibo Mohamed 2008 Freelance Writer
Michael Tagen 2008 Scientist, Genentech
Lu Gan 2007 Medical Director, X4 Pharmaceuticals
Timur Mitin 2007 MD, PhD, Asst Professor, Radiation Medicine, Oregon Health & Science U
Abdulmohsen Al-Rohaimi 2006 Dean, School of Pharmacy, Shaqra U, Saudi Arabia
Kirk Bertelsen 2006 Director, Quantitative Sciences, Discovery Lead, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson
Jill Donelan 2006 In transition
Ping He 2006 Director, Neuroscience & Pain Research Unit, Pfizer
Emily Merchant Hill 2006 MS, Director, Investor Relations, PTC Therapeutics, Inc
Nicole Reynolds 2006 MS, Project Associate American Institute of Biological Sciences
Jessica Passeggio 2005 High School Science Teacher, Braintree High School
Partha Sinha 2005 MD, PhD, Instructor, Medicine-Endocrinology, Harvard/Massachusetts General Hospital
Jill Warrington 2004 MD, PhD, Asst Professor, Pathology, U Vermont School of Medicine
Kerry Culm-Merdek 2003 Global Project Head, Clinical Pharmacology, Genzyme
John Pratt 2003 Senior Medical Sciences Liaison, AstraZeneca
Pamela Esposito 2002 CBO, RepImmune
Stacy Foran-Melanson 2002 MD, PhD, Asst Professor, Pathology, Harvard Medical School
Man Huang 2002 At home
Michael Perloff 2002 MD, PhD, Asst Professor, Neurology, Boston U School of Medicine
Brian Cain 2001 Regional Director, Sales & Business Development, Aragen Biosciences


Trainee Year  Current or Last Known Position 
Christine Bardsley 2000 MS, Unavailable
Michael Court 2000 Professor, Pharmacogenomics, Washington State U
Bart Laurijssens 2000 Consultant, BEL Pharm Consulting
Tanya Stevens 2000 Investigator, Neuroscience, Brown U
Karthik Venkatakrishnan 2000 Director, Clinical Pharmacology, Millennium
Monette Cotreau 1999 Senior Director, Clinical Pharmacology & DMPK, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals
Michelle Unrau Sinclair 1999 Manager, Venture Connection, Simon Fraser U
Leena Singh 1998 Private Practice, Endocrinology
Ivan Correia 1995 Head, Global Protein Sciences, AbbVie


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