Wendi Ni


Wendi Ni
BS, Cellular & Molecular Biology
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor, MI
MS Student in Pharmacology & Drug Development
Alan Kopin, MD, Adviser




CX3CR1 is a G protein-coupled chemokine receptor and a key regulator of neuroinflammation and response to injury. This GPCR is considered a putative therapeutic target in diseases including neuroinflammatory and cardiovascular diseases. In the Kopin laboratory, we have utilized the recombinant membrane tethered ligand (MTL) system in combination with in vitro signaling assays to investigate structure-function properties of CX3CL1. We have generated and pharmacologically characterized a series of CX3CL1 deletion mutants and domain swaps. Current studies are underway to further map the domains both in the ligand and receptor that underlie these pharmacological properties. Taken together, our experiments will help us better understand the molecular basis of CX3CL1 function and lay the groundwork to develop modulators of CX3CR1 as novel treatments for diseases.

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