Novera Alam


Novera Alam
BPharm, Pharmacy
North South University
Dhaka, Bangladesh
MS Student in Pharmacology & Drug Development
David Greenblatt, MD, Adviser




My research is focused on studying phase II metabolism of different drugs. Drug metabolism is a way to change the drug into compound which is easier to eliminate. The reaction is carried out by human liver microsomes that make the non polar drug molecule chemically changed into more polar drugs. And the metabolites with polar molecules get cleared into the body fluid such as urine and bile. Phase I metabolism transfers a compound to more polar metabolite. Phase II biotransformation is to perform conjugating reactions. Among different pathways of conjugation, glucuronidation is currently being studied in this lab. UDP-glucuronosyltransferases are the key enzymes for glucuronidation in phase II reaction. I am identifying different pharmacokinetic parameters such as inhibitory concentration of anti-HIV drugs on ethinyl estradiol ( oral contraceptive), mixed model inhibiton which can mediate potential adverse effect on co-administration of oral contraceptives with anti-HIV drugs.

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