PREP Alumni

Opening Acceptance LettersPREP trainees remain in the program for one to two years.

The majority of our trainees matriculate to PhD or MD/PhD programs at excellent universities across the United States.

Learn more about the institutions our alumni have chosen below. 


Trainee Year  Graduate Degree or Training
Melissa Cruz 2017 In transition
Sadchla Mathieu 2017 Computational Biology, MS, Boston U, currently enrolled
Yoelkys Morales 2017 MD/PhD Student, Sackler/Tufts, currently enrolled
Brandon Phan 2017
Cell & Systems Biology, U Wisconsin, PhD, currently enrolled
Kofi Gyan 2016
Computational Biology & Medicine, Cornell U, PhD, currently enrolled 
Franco Puleo 2016
Pharmacology, Boston U Medical School, PhD, currently enrolled
Hembley Rivas 2016
Virology, Harvard U, PhD, currently enrolled
Jean Rivera 2016
Neuroscience, Cornell U, PhD, currently enrolled
Faith Karanja Ranji
Developmental Biology, U Virginia, PhD, currently enrolled
Melanie Rivera 2015
Biomedical Sciences, U New Mexico, PhD, currently enrolled
Christopher Bartolome 2014 Neuroscience, Sackler School, Tufts, PhD, currently enrolled
Olivia Umana
2014 Medical Immunology, U Mass Medical School, PhD, currently enrolled
Vanessa Yanez
Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology, Sackler School Tufts, PhD, currently enrolled
Giang Nguyen
2014 Immunology, Sackler School, Tufts, PhD, currently enrolled
Carlos Medina
2014 Immunology, Stanford U, PhD, currently enrolled
Danielle Salantes
Cell & Molecular Biology, U Pennsylvania, PhD, currently enrolled
Asante Hatcher 2013 Neuroscience, Baylor College of Medicine, PhD, currently enrolled
Sonia Laurie
Immunology, Emory U, PhD, currently enrolled
Dawit Bezabih
Tufts U School of Medicine, MD, currently enrolled
Brandon Anjuwon-Foster 2012
Microbiology & Immunology, U North Carolina - Chapel Hill, PhD, currently enrolled
Melissa Liriano 2011 Chemistry, Northeastern U, PhD, currently enrolled
Elizabeth Smith 2011
Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology, PhD, Sackler School, Tufts, currently enrolled
Rolando Ruiz 2011 Biochemistry, U California - Irvine, PhD, currently enrolled
Thomas Corrielus 2011 Microbiology & Immunology, U Buffalo, MS, 2014
Nicolle White 2010 Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology, Sackler School, Tufts, withdrew
Yewande Adepoju 2009 U New England, DO
Carlos Torres 2009 U Puerto Rico/Baylor combined MD/PhD, currently enrolled
Silvia Caballero 2009 Immunology, Weill Cornell, PhD, 2015
Eydith Commenencia-Ortiz 2008 Neuroscience, Sackler School, Tufts, PhD 2012
Niskin Akpan
Cell Biology, Columbia U, PhD, 2012
Ryan Salvador 2007 Immunology, Sackler School Tufts, PhD, 2015
Amber Smith 2007 U Texas Medical Branch, MD, 2014
Ingrid Soltero 2007 Genetics, Sackler School, Tufts, withdrew


Apply to the Sackler School


The priority application deadlines are as follows:

December 1: Basic Science Division PhD Programs

February 15: Building Diversity in Biomedical Sciences

March 31: Post-Baccalaureate Research Program

May 1: Clinical & Translational Science, MS in Pharmacology & Drug Development

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