Andrea Wong


Andrea Wong
BA, Biology
Occidental College
Los Angeles, CA
PhD Student in Molecular Microbiology
Andrew Camilli, PhD, Adviser





My thesis project is investigating a virus-host (phage-bacterium) receptor interaction at the genetic, biochemical and structural levels. Last year our lab published a paper showing the presence of both ICP2 phage and Vibrio cholerae escape mutants in rice-water stools from cholera patients. Many of the escape mutants contained missense or duplication mutations in the regions encoding two extracellular loops in ompU, which is a major outer membrane porin. Our lab later isolated ICP2 "suppressor" mutants that could plaque on specific ompU point mutants. I plan to further elucidate the interaction between ICP2 and OmpU and investigate the impact of the "suppressor" mutations on ICP2 phage fitness.

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