Molecular Genetics Faculty

Faculty with Active Research Programs

Andrew Camilli, PhD, Program Director - Molecular mechanisms of Vibrio and Streptococcus pathogenesis Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Bree Aldridge, PhD - Mycobacterium pathogenesis  Send an e-mail  PI Profile

John Coffin, PhD - Molecular mechanisms of retrovirus replication, pathogenesis and evolution Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Marta Gaglia, PhD - Virus - host interaction in KSHV infection  Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Michael Forgac, PhD - Structure - function analyses of V-ATPases Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Caroline Attardo Genco, PhD - Host interactions with mucosal pathogens Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Ekaterina Heldwein, PhD - Structural and mechanistic studies of herpesvirus entry into host cells Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Linden Hu, MD - Host - Pathogen interaction in Borrelia  and peridontal infections Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Ralph Isberg, PhD - Molecular mechanisms of Yersinia and Legionella pathogenesis  Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Joshua Kritzer, PhD -  Peptides and peptidomimetics targeting infectious agents  Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Carol Kumamoto, PhD - Molecular mechanisms of Candida pathogenesis Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Rajendra Kumar-Singh, PhD - Viral vectors & gene therapy for ocular diseases  Send an e-mail PI Profile

John Leong, MD, PhD - Molecular mechanisms of host - bacterial interaction Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Joan Mecsas, PhD - Host - pathogen interaction in Yersina Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Claire Moore, PhD - Mechanism and regulation of mRNA polyadenylation Send an e-mail  PI Profile

James Munro, PhD - Molecular mechanisms of viral entry  Send an e-mail   PI Profile

Wai-Leung Ng, PhD - Quorum sensing in Vibrio  Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Alexander Poltorak, PhD - Genetics of innate immunity Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Aimee Shen, PhD - Clostridium difficile spore formation and germination Send an e-mail PI Profile

Shumin Tan, PhD - Environmental cues in Mycobacterium tuberculosis-host interactions Send an e-mail PI Profile

Honorine Ward, MBBS - Pathogenesis of Cryptosporidium species Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Program Faculty Participating in Teaching

Michael Malamy, PhD, Program Director - Virulence factors in Bacteroides fragilis Send an e-mail  PI Profile

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