Microbial Pathogens Trainees

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Microbial pathogenesis trainees explore a range of topics related to the interaction of pathogens with their hosts. Trainees are typically appointed to the program for one to two years but usually remain engaged in program activities throughout their training.

The list below reveals the breadth of research explored by our Microbial Pathogenesis students.

Microbial Pathogenesis Trainees (2002-2015)

Christopher Brigham - Sugar usage by Bacteriodes fragilis

Lauren Logsdon - Yersinia Yops in host defenses during infection

Miram Quinones - Regulation of CTX prophage induction

Joeli Marrero - Entry exclusion in ICEs

Julianna Lemieux - Identification and characterization of a pneumococcal pilus

Vicki Losick - Host signaling required for Legionella pneumophila intracellular growth

Michael Fisher - Bacterial virulence factors in pneumonic yersiniosis

Jamie Henzy - Evolution of endogenous retroviruses 

Brian Meehan - Genes affecting aerobic growth of anaerobic bacteria 

Sina Mohammadi - RhoGTPase signaling during phagocytosis and Yersinia infection 

Jason Pratt - Inorganic phosphate as a signal for Vibrio cholerae

Charlotte Majerczyk - CodY and virulence gene expression in Staphylococcus aureus

Diem Nguyen - Host innate immunity in fungal infection

Dana Harmon - Type III secretion system interactions in Yersinia

Jessica Pierce - Role of intestinal colonization in Candida infections

Katherine Price - Export of Pneumolysin O by Streptococcus pneumoniae 

Faith Wallace Gadsden - Study of transmissible forms of Vibrio cholerae

Julia Wildschutte - Endogenous retroviruses and human chronic disease

Dennise DeJesus - Host cell proteins and Legionella pneumophila intracellular growth

Jared Pitts - Herpes simplex virus entry and egress – a structural study

Andrew Hempstead - Effectors of the Legionella pneumophilia type 4 secretion system

Julia Murphy - YopE and host immune function during infection 

Jessica Silverman - Structure – function of the HSV-1 gB cytodomain

Erin Green - Mechanism of Yersinia persistence

Stephanie Mitchell - VieSAB signal transduction in Vibrio cholerae

Neeru Bhardwaj - HERV expression and HIV infectivity

Michelle Paczosa - Yersinia adhesins and Yops and the innate response

Anne Weeks - Signaling mechanims influencing filamentation in C albicans 

Heidi Burke - Structural Studies of HCMV Entry Proteins

Laurice Jackson - Factors affecting colonization and systemic disease in EHEC infection

Minmin Yen - V. Cholerae phages and phage therapy

Sarah Jung - Mechanisms of V. cholerae quorum sensing

Lamyaa Shaban - Leukocytes and control of bacterial infection

Current Microbial Pathogenesis Trainees

Andrea Koenigsberg - Structure/function analysis of HSV UL37

Michelle Logsdon - M tuberculosis persistence in stress conditions

Laura Markey - C albicans interactions with the gut microbiome

Angela Howard - Mechanisms of Ebola virus entry

Jonah Larkins-Ford - Mechanism of Mycobacterium drug tolerance

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