Mammalian Genetics at JAX

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The Sackler School and The Jackson Laboratory collaborate to offer the Mammalian Genetics at JAX Track within the Genetics PhD Program.  This track provides students with the unique opportunity to conduct their PhD research at The Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, ME and participate in a joint curriculum offered by both institutions that provides in depth exposure to mammalian genetics.

Students entering this track will begin their studies in July of the year they matriculate with course work and a research rotation at The Jackson Laboratory.  During this period, trainee housing will be provided and students will have the opportunity to sample the rich research offerings at The Jackson Laboratory.

Following the summer experience in Bar Harbor, students will join other trainees in the Genetics Program and complete additional rotations and courses at the Sackler School in Boston. Mammalian Genetics at JAX trainees will also have the opportunity to do additional rotations at The Jackson Laboratory.

Trainees in this track will select their dissertation adviser from among participating faculty at The Jackson Laboratory and conduct their dissertation research in Bar Harbor.  Students will also continue their connection to the Genetics Program through attendance at retreats and other program events and participate in some activities through video conferencing.

Contact Information

Administrative Office
Stearns 514
Phone: 617-636-6836
Fax: 617-636-2990

Rajendra Kumar-Singh, PhD
Greg Cox, PhD
Program Directors

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Mammalian Genetics at JAX

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Mammalian Genetics at JAX offers unique research opportunities at The Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, ME.

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