Stella Chen


Stella Chen
BA, Molecular and Cell Biology & Psychology
University of California - Berkeley
Berkeley, CA
MD, PhD Student
Leon Reijmers, PhD, Rotation Adviser




Neurons change their activity when stimulated, especially after repeated stimulation. The Reijmers lab is interested in the changes in dendritic translation levels after activation. Dendritic translation can be difficult to study because it must be separated out from from translation in the soma, and not all mRNA sequences will be translated. However, by dissecting out the dendrites of the hippocampus and using Translating Ribosome Affinity Purification (TRAP) we can examine the RNA sequences that are being translated into polypeptide chains. In my rotation, I examined the enrichment CAMKIIa and de-enrichment of GFAP in these samples and worked on analyzing the RNA sequences that were bound to the ribosomes.

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