Julia Hisey


Julia Hisey
BS, Biology
Tufts University
Medford, MA
MD, PhD Student
Michael Forgac, PhD, Rotation Adviser




The V-ATPase is an ATP-driven proton pump. In mature dendritic cells, the V-ATPase acidifies lysosomes, allowing for antigen processing. Previous work in the lab has shown that increased assembly of the V-ATPase occurs in dendritic cell lysosomes after TLR-induced maturation in a PI3K/mTOR-dependent manner. Since PI3K/mTOR are also involved in maturation, we asked if increased assembly of the V-ATPase is regulated by PI3K/mTOR through maturation as a secondary effect or independently from maturation. To answer this question, we used SEA to induce antigen processing and acidification of lysosomes since SEA does not induce maturation.

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